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Support our Children

How Heroes Like You Make a Difference!

When you give to “Where Needed Most,” your generosity helps Heroes for Children be there when a family with a child battling cancer needs us most. 

  • Impact Program (Monthly Bills): Helping families with: rent, utilities, transportation,  they can keep their home and continuity during their cancer treatments. 

  • Laptops for Love: to help kids connect to school, friends, etc... during their cancer regiment

  • Celebrate Milestones: With the burden of cancer treatment, even a small birthday party, mitzvah, graduation, or celebrating finishing cancer treatment can be financially out of reach some families. These everyday celebrations allow our children to win back their childhood, one milestone at a time. 

  • Funeral Assistance: Sadly sometimes a family loses that battle with cancer. This is where Heroes continues to help families in their time of grief.  With your help we are one of only a few non-profits in the country that provide financial assistance for funeral expenses. 

"We could not have made it through our battle with our four year old daughter's cancer treatment without the help of Heroes for Children.  Without them, several bills would have been unpaid, and the support helped us know we weren't fighting alone." 

- John S.  Dallas, TX

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Thank you for being my hero today!

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