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Strategic Giving: To Move Forward You Have to Give Back

(Recently one of our great supporters and champions Wendy Papasan mentioned Heroes for Children in their podcast "Empire Building." Not only did they reference HFC, but the podcast has great wisdom and insight for all leaders)

How is giving away money good for my business? We hear about it all the time: corporate philanthropy, “doing well by doing good” – but why, specifically, is it great to give back to your community? We’re going to define strategic giving, talk about the six reasons generosity is actually good for your business, and some of the ways you can give back as a company. Why Giving Back Is Good for Your Business: Increases company morale Improve brand awareness Attract top talent Appeal to younger generations Increase sales Tax deductions Ways to Give Back: Sponsor a charity event Give employees time off to volunteer Do a give-back fund Make a donation for every sale or closing Offer pro-bono services Partner with a charity for ongoing events.

Connect on Instagram: Seychelle Van Poole: (@seychellevp) Vija Williams: (@viavija) Sarah Reynolds: (@sarahreynoldsoji) Wendy Papasan: (@wendypapasan)

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