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First, let us share with you the big WHY

When you give to Heroes for Children you are coming to the rescue to help families not fight their battle alone with childhood cancer.  Imagine the stress and pain of knowing your child is battling cancer. Imagine the financial stress of paying your current bills, paying ongoing medical bills, and high priced prescription drugs.  Imagine juggling the demands of your job and much of your free time is spent in the hospital caring for your child who is in the fight of his or her life.  So, "why support our children and families at Heroes for Children???"  Because when you give, you are truly a hero coming to the rescue.  Here are the ways your giving impacts families:

  • Rent/Utilities: Your gift helps us meet the family’s need to cover rent and electric/water bills so they can keep their home and continuity during their child’s cancer treatments. 

  • Hospital Transportation: Your partnership helps with hospital parking fees, meals and transportation to the hospital for treatments.

  • Prescriptions: You can help a family with their much needed and often expensive prescriptions that are needed required in their battle with cancer. 

  • Social Assistance: Families are often isolated as their child goes through treatment to protect their immunity and regiment at hospitals, so our social outings and support help connect families to other families for emotional support.  

  • Funeral Expenses: Sadly, sometimes a family loses the battle with cancer. This is where Heroes continues to help families in their time of grief.  With your help, we are one of only a few non-profits in the country that provide financial assistance for funeral expenses. 


Second, here is HOW you can become a hero!

One Time Donation

A one time tax deductible donation

Monthly Partner

A monthly reoccurring  gift to families.

Don't let cancer mess with our Texas kids!

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